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Our Mission


Taglio di Roma is introducing an authentic taste of Italy right in the heart of Laval. Translated to “pizza by the slice”, it’s an authentic way to enjoying pizza – you’ll feel like you’re in Rome!

Our team is passionate about delivering the best pizza you have ever tasted.  We believe in providing an authentic Italian dining experience with the best ingredients and equipment. 


Our Dough


Our flour comes directly from Italy and our dough is made in the traditional way, and allowed to rise over 72 hours to create a light and easily digestible crust. 


We use only fresh produce, extra virgin olive oil, natural yeast and a few traditional techniques, combining to make our signature taste.  All our pizzas are cooked in our genuine Italian oven, before finally being delivered fresh and delicious to your plate.


Come and meet our Pizzaiolo Fernando Menichelli

Our Pizzaiolo Fernando Menichelli

He trained in Rome and before coming to Canada he had his own Pizza Bar in the town of Gorga, Rome. It has been his dream for many years to open his own pizza bar here, bringing the authenticity of Rome and the art of Roman pizza to the Laval area.


Pizza al Taglio truly is “a taste of Rome in every slice”.

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